We’re Shakin’ Up Something Great!

What's Shakin?

We’re Shakin’ Up Something Great!

Our company was founded by two cousins. It’s a family business that was started with a few hundred dollars and a wallet full of naivety. When we started this journey, we had no way of knowing the giant of an industry that we were up against, but nevertheless we persisted. We took a leap of faith to build a better cocktail. Armed only with our passion for craft cocktails and with a shot of blind ambition, we set out on a journey to create 2 Skinny Drunks | A Cocktail Company. Our goals have always been as simple as our ingredients. We want to make the best ready to drink cocktails on the market using the freshest ingredients at a reasonable price. Our products are All Natural, GMO Free, Gluten Free and made with only the finest spirits.

It’s a privilege to create clean cocktails that keep you well marinated and unapologetic. We’re thankful to every person who supports our small business and our dream of creating a better cocktail. Here’s to Living Thin & Drinking Well.


John & Dianna