2 Skinny Drunks

2 Skinny Drunks Premium Organics was founded by two cousins Dianna Mulcahy and John Porter. What started as a family joke gave way to a family business.

Dianna is a margarita girl and I love anything drown in Vodka so what better place to start than with something we knew a lot about, our favorite cocktails. We headed to our local organic super market and collected a basket full of fresh organic fruits and sweeteners and whipped up a batch of what would become the first 2 Skinny Drunks Cocktail Mix.

We served it up to our family and friends to great reviews and that is where the family joke was born, “You guys gotta bottle this”. Being two connoisseurs of hand crafted cocktails, the idea of being able to create a shelf stable, convenient cocktail mix, that ascended to the quality of a fresh handmade cocktail was too great to pass up. With a shot of naive ambition we slowly chipped away at our dream.

It’s a pleasure to create clean cocktails that keep you well marinated and unapologetic. Here’s to Living Thin, Drinking Well and Getting More From Your Mix! We’re thankful to every person who has helped two organic entrepreneurs realize their potential and an experience beyond our wildest measure.

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Crafting Organically

Every 2 Skinny Drunks Premium Organic Cocktail Mix begins with one simple principle, we will create every flavor with the finest Organic Ingredients from sustainable sources that are GMO Fee, Gluten Free and Free of Dyes.

We use only organic sweeteners and triple filtered water for the best tasting cocktail mixer on the market. We created our line of mixer with the intention of bringing a craft cocktail flavor and quality with the convenience of a ready to drink mix.

Why Organic?

You may not be able to control the effects of Alcohol on your body, but you can certainly make a better choice in what you pair it with. We want our customers to know what is in their cocktail mixer. We will never serve you anything but the best ingredients possible.

The Founders


Dianna Mulcahy, COO

Dianna Mulcahy serves at Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer


John Porter, CEO

John Porter serves at Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Future

We're creative people with a passion for new and great cocktails. Check out how you can get more from your mix everyday on social media @2SkinnyDrunks